Firm to hang my license in Hampton Roads

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Hello All,

I am taking my licensing class now but trying to find a good place to hang my license after I pass my test. It will not be mainly used for agent purposes but mostly for investing so not looking for a realtor office that forces me to join HRRA. The fees are just high and I have no desire to join. I would like a smaller company preferably in Virgina Beach, Norfolk, or maybe Chesapeake. Prefer it to be ran by a broker that actually invest and understands investing and does not have just that average agent mind set. I wouldn't even mind virtual offices although I would prefer a physical local one. I want to have flexibility to actually do creative things and put deals together while staying within the law and not be limited by a scared and to cautious broker. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 


Great question @Gary Alford , I'm also currently taking the course and will be looking for something similar. I'm planning on being a bit more active as an agent though, at least for a little while. 

To add to the question, do some (mostly larger firms I assume?) brokers typically require you to work under them for a period of time, sort of a contractual type situation? Require/provide additional training?

Looking forward to any input as well. Thanks!

all large firms have a contract to sign where they want you to be "captive" and do what they want

I like KW tho 

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@Gary Alford @Robert Barnes

My business model might be something you are looking for, however my company is associated with the realtors association so that would be a requirement to hang your licenses under my licenses, but I am not going to charge anyone an arm and leg.  

give me a call and we can talk.


Lisa Doud

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