Who is Craig Brooksby?

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I'm trying to get some feedback for the individual above. Does anyone personally know Craig? done business with him? Is he real? 

He is claiming in his profile description that he was dealing with millions dollars worth of real estate and other assets, etc. etc., in other words a lot of hype. But there is no real information that supports his claims. He says that his company employs 50 people, yet he doesn't have a working website (at least I couldn't find one). His comments here are little odd (in my opinion), and the only info I could find online is that him and his wife defaulted on a loan and there was a judgment against them for $4.1MM

Thank you for any feedback you can provide. 

Disclosure: I am a member of the Triad REIA with Craig, I do not work for him or get paid to promote him.

Hi David,

I have met Craig Brooksby personally and can attest to the fact that he is indeed real. :) He just helped walk me through a tough deal I am working on with precision and expert advice.

Having personally done business with and for this man, i would strongly advise against it.

Why would you advise against it?

Do your research.  Check lawsuits and judgments in Utah and North Carolina.  Check with some people who have invested with him.  Not names he give you.  Names you find independently.  Beware.

I am a client of Craig Brooksby.  He has a system that feeds properties to his clients constantly.  He covers all of North Carolina.  There is a small monthly fee to access the system, but that is the only fee.  Craig makes money when his clients make money.  He provides weekly on-going education in a friendly group atmosphere, currently in Raleigh and in Charlotte as well as on-line meetups.  There is no extra charge for the education.  He also makes himself available for one-on-one time by text, email, or phone.  I have spent countless hours with Craig personally.  He thinks outside the box and encourages us to do the same.  He is a master mind in the real estate world.  He knows the law, and his transactions are always within the law using credible real estate attorneys.  He did in fact lose tens of millions of dollars in the big crash.  His goal for his clients is that we don't make the mistakes he made.

I, too, am a client of Craig Brooksby. I concur with everything Garland Shelton said. My husband and I attend his weekly education meetings and online meetups as well as meeting with him one-on-one regularly. We have been clients of his for 2 years and have successfully flipped 9 properties through the use of his system and with his mentoring.

All these people giving feedback have one post lol

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