Santa Maria Property Managers

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Does anyone have recommendations for property managers in the Santa Maria, CA area?

Hi David,

I haven't used any PM's here in the area but I know that Plus Property Management is one of the larger firms in the area. I see their signs and cars all over the place. They service much of the central coast. Again, I've never done business with them so I can't say anything good or bad about them. 

Being a smaller city there aren't a whole lot of options.



Yes, this is a SFR. Thanks for your input Eric and David, I will reach out to both of them.

Hello David, I'm a General Contractor in Santa Maria and have done work for a few PM's. I recently did a house remodel for Advantage Property Manager. Tami was very professional and courteous. I spoke with the homeowner as well and he had recently moved to them after being dissatisfied with their prior PM. Don't know who that was. I got paid on time. Hope that helps.  

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