Anybody else having issues with Mack Companies in Chicago?

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@Matthew Chan PM me with your email  and I would be happy to include you in the group on investors which are looking to force a bankruptcy of Oak Park Reality.  

Also, I do not recommend anyone do business with @jose flores or any other former Mack employee.  I have now found significant numbers of flat out lies told to me through the sales process which now is costing me many thousands of dollars.  Never-mind the fraudulent property management.  

Wish everyone the best of luck.



 When you have a chance, I would suggest to PM me your email and I be happy to forward the information of an attorney trying to get recovery. Is this Mack or Oak park? .. Mack is under an appointed United States Trustee

The latest from Oak Park.....

Thank God for BP threads like this!  Who do I need to reach out to in an effort to try and get my past due rents and security deposits from Oak Park?

I appreciate all of the great information in this thread.  I hope we can all get what we are owed.


Hi Everyone,

I am an international investor located in Australia with one property under Oak Park Realty management. I have only just been made aware of the current situation with a email informing me that the management of my property would be handed over to Renters Warehouse on the 1st of July. My previous communication from the management team was in May with a promise of following up my concerns regarding not receiving rent owed for my property, no mention of any other issues of course. 

I would appreciate any contact details or information you can provide on who may be able to help me in my situation.

It looks like Mcclelland is doing business as Wheelhouse Investments, LLC

Wheelhouse Investments, LLC is an Illinois LLC filed on February 20, 2014 . The company's filing status is listed as Active.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Alan Fulkerson and is located at 30 N La Salle St Ste 2630, Chicago, IL 60602. The company's principal address is 16800 S. Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, IL 60477-0000.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is James H Mcclelland from Tinley Park IL.

Hi @Marcelo Bellinaso , I've only been with Renters Warehouse for a couple of months but so far so good. They are very communicative and keep me up to date with both their attempts at obtaining the tenant bond from Oak Park (no luck) and the current status of my tenants. They have also arranged for the locks to be changed from the ones that Oak Park had access to - which were apparently the same master locks used on a number of properties from Mack that Oak Park managed. As a result there were no individual keys for Oak Park to hand over as they just had a master key that worked for a number of properties! The owners platform is nice change however I haven't had much reason to use it as yet. 

California investor.  I purchased 3 MACK turnkeys dating back to 2012 when Eric Workman was still with the company.  Over time I found property management to be lacking.  They placed poor tenants (stopped paying rent, left huge utility bills, required eviction), turnover was long (4-6 months on multiple occasions), turnover repair bills on the higher side.  Investor communication was poor, slow and unresponsive.   The worst part was that MACK did not hold the tenants accountable--there was no penalty if they made late rent payments, so tenants were months and months behind on rent, and MACK was ok with it.  Won't take the time to list the other multiple bad signs I saw, suffice it to say they were a big, clunky operation.  I felt stuck because I didn't know any other PM's and changing seemed to require a lot of decisive action and entry to the unknown, and couldn't sell yet cause prices hadn't really recovered.  Finally, in mid-2016 I changed PM's when John Gutman, Keith Tarasiewicz, and Dean Siampos all left the company at the same time.

Best decision ever. I lucked upon new PM of a small, growing and highly responsive PM.  She has experience working as property manager of 1000s of units Chicago public housing projects.  No nonsense with the tenants, but can still relate to them, comfortable managing Section 8.  Husband is in law enforcement, and she is working hard to grow her business, very responsive, practical cost efficient solutions, too.   I call her when I have a question and she takes care of it.  Completely different experience from the MACK incompetency and bureaucracy. The properties don't perform perfectly, but they are cash flowing well and I am happy the new management.  

I'm sure there's other good PM out there, but I have been very happy.  Former MACK investors feel free to PM me and I can connect you.