REI Blackbook vs. Freedomsoft

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I currently have a subscription to REI Blackbook and to be quite honest with you, while I definitely see the benefits, it is a little overwhelming and overkill for me at this stage in the game. I am sure if I keep plugging away I will eventually figure it out. However, I am in the process of hiring a VA and the one I am currently interviewing has used Freedomsoft. So I am thinking it might just be better for me to move over to FS, since he already has experience.

I appreciate any and all input!



Pick what's easiest for you @Martha Blumel . I use Podio as my CRM and project management system because I can make it into whatever I need. I used FreedomSoft in the past and thought it was OK but slow (like it would take forever for pages to load). I also thought it was expensive. That being said, I barely used any of the features available mostly because, like you, it was way more than I needed at the time.  

My advice: if you're happy with REI Blackbook, stick with it. If you move to FreedomSoft, copy everything over and make sure you follow-up. Whatever helps you to be consistent is what matters most.

Freedomsoft is OK, but if you're looking to maximize what you can do, REI Blackbook is better. We have a very custom Podio platform that took months and thousands of dollars to build, and it's great, but REI Blackbook has a lot of the same capability right out of the box. We spent quite a while looking at all of the different options, and there is no better solution unless you want to go the really customized route with Podio.

Until you've actually gotten a couple projects under your belt, I would suggest sticking with free tools.  Too many new investors get bogged down with technology/tools and never actually get around to doing deals...

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@J Scotthave you used REI blackbook? If so, I'm curious what you think of it.

I've never used it.  I've done hundreds of deals, and all marketing, sales, CRM, etc., that I've ever needed to do has been easily accomplished with free tools like Microsoft Excel.

Well coming from @J Scott himself, I should take that information to heart!  I often get caught up in having the perfect systems in place before I even have deals rolling in.  Starting out with free software and moving up once I have a better deal flow is probably the best way to do it. 

P.S.  Always enjoy listening and reading what you have to say on the podcasts and forums!

We use Google Sheets. It's just like Microsoft Excel but it's saved on Google and you can access it on your mobile devices as well as share and collaborate with other team members. Best of all, it's free!

I can see how REIBB can be overwhelming. Used it for years and learnt it inside out, but to be honest, most tools you really don't need. Yes, it "has it all" but if you want just the CRM, there are a lot cheaper options, like mailchimp, Aweber or AllClients (the software that myClientGenie was whitelableds from). And if you aren't using all the tools, what's the point of paying $100/mo?

1st decide what exactly you need and if you can justify the cost for what you will use. BTW if you want to train a VA, reibb has an entire video library to help you do that

Freedomsof btw was recently bought out and improved big time, so it's a completely different platform. But here is a comparison table for 3 different softwares if you are interested done by an investor (a friend of mine), who used them all and currently switched to Podio -

@Olga Thanks for the link. Not only was the comparison helpful but it helps understand exactly what the software does in general. I went to one of the Seminars where they REIBB was offered but they didn't explain completely what it does. That being said, How does Podio compare to the three mentioned? 

I find podio very complicated, although I did figure it out with help of tutorials and investorfuse didn't work for me as well - very easy to break, impossible to fix without customer service which I also didn't have much luck with.
So I'm back to my AllClients CRM which works for me perfectly

I'm a complete Newbie not to computer savvy I'm hitting the pavement in July my question is once the ball gets rolling here what would be the not so savvy guys best route for software. 

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I'm a complete Newbie not to computer savvy I'm hitting the pavement in July my question is once the ball gets rolling here what would be the not so savvy guys best route for software. 

 My recommendation is to complete at least 5 deals before you even start to think about software/automation.

Im totally jumping in with this full throttle i got the book from bigger pockets the invest with low or no money and read the wholesaling chapter I'm geeked and ready for the last 12 yrs my mind was in a bottle working odd jobs to fund that bottle ignoring my responsibilities not even dreaming bout nothing so child support caught up with me and gave me 9 months house arrest it's over in July this was the best thing to ever happen to me i have goals and dreams again something I haven't felt in years I'm so amped up and clear headed. And all my 4 children are in my life it feels great life is beautiful. And im not buying in to the guru thing im doing all my own due diligence I hope to meet good people.