Atlas Real Estate - Denver

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I attended a presentation by this company last month. They seem pretty legit based on that one interaction, however I felt I might be able to get some more insight into them by posting here.

General idea presented was buy and hold. They act as agents and PM. Seems to be a little bit like turnkey, but I don't believe they are involved in any renovation aspect of the purchase.

Does anyone have experience working with them that they'd be willing to share?

I don't have any hands on experience in working with Atlas but have been to a few events and happy hours they have hosted. In my conversations I have understood their focus is to help people buy rental property through rather traditional means - buy cash flowing real estate on or off market - with typical financing 25% or more down and owning for the long haul. Nothing crazy like value add via rehab or heavily discounted deals.

I attended an Atlas meeting this past summer and my takeaway was the same as Travis. Mike Hills heads up the investor side of Atlas and he's a great guy. I had a beer with him a few weeks after the meeting and if I were to work with an agent in the Denver area, he would definitely be considered. Seems like a real pitbull in terms of getting deals under contract and knows the broader Denver market well, but most of the deals he is getting for clients come of the MLS. He manages all his investor's properties as well and seems really competent in that regards.

I just struggle with how you find worthwhile investments in this market off the MLS...