Property Management Companies for Kansas City

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I'm in the process of purchasing 7 single family rentals in Kansas City. I'm looking for a good property management company for this market. So far in my research I've come up with these 2 alternatives:

1) KC Commercial & Residential  Management 

2) Voepel Property Management

Does anyone have any experience with these two companies?

Any other recommendations for property management companies for Kansas City?

Hi Martin, where are your properties located? I work for a PM company called KC Home Rental (.net). We manage over 700 properties all over the metro area, mostly single family homes. Look us up and/or send me a message if you have any questions!

I have a property under management with voepel. While it hasn't been very long, they have been great so far. Their owner, Brent Voepel, takes a personal interest in the client's satisfaction and based on my initial perceptions and feel, they appear like the type of company that would exceed expectations.

Just in case someone pull up this thread: we had a horrible experience with Voepel. Cost us thousand of

dollars because they neglect the properties and ignored the tenants. I

politely spoke to the owner Brent Voepel about it and he screamed at me.

Wost company I have ever dealt with. Check reviews on BBB, Yelp, and

Google. terrible.

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