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I need a great agent to move a property! Location is 11233 s whipple st in Chicago IL and has been on the market for over 90 days. I need an experienced broker that can add value and move this property. Anyone have any referrals?


Job well done on the rehab! Did you add a second full bath? Unfortunately, the closing price of 145k from June is factoring into the current price when doing a CMA. Granted your home is completely renovated and updated, there have been quite a few others that have had similar updates that have sold for around 200k. I am a Broker in the City - Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Thanks James

Hi Doug,

Your direct competition is 11225 S Whipple which Sold for $235K, but this property is on a 60 foot wide lot. I would recommend changing out the square footage and include the basement as total living area because you took the time to finish the basement and add another bathroom. You cannot include it as Gross Living Area but you can mention Total Living Area is over 2000 square feet. You may want to consider virtually staging it. I have a girl who can do that for you for a nominal fee.

@Dorothy Wulf @James L.

Thanks for you're input!! I know the prop is worth more than $200k as there are homes not remodeled to our level and no finished basement for 200k and this is a brand new house.

I know the lot is a tad bit smaller than the average in the neighborhood but I can't changed that. I've had 30 showings with 0 offers....everyone loves it says it's a bit too high and disappear. Not sure what I'm missing about the house. Quality workmanship fairly good price seeing how everything is new and finished. I have never seen buyers not submit an offer on a house they like because it was only 5-10k higher than they thought.

I'll see if we can't do some virtual staging thanks for the input. We are willing to offer an incentive to buyers agent who brings a deal we accept and close. -Doug

I will definitely keep your property in mind. I do agree that if a buyer loves the property they should write an offer. Good luck!

@Douglas Vogel , if everyone is saying it's priced too high, then it's priced too high. You have allowed it to sit for 90 days. Drop the price and get it sold. Now it's tainted, because the DOM makes it look as though something is wrong with it.

Thanks guys! If it is too high (since I haven't seen a CMA supporting that) then it's only about 3-5k high and that shouldn't prevent offers from coming in. I know it's not tainted since multiple brokers have brought multiple clients to view the home. I'm open to ideas that anyone has. I appreciate all the help and input and please let me know if you have a client who might be interested, were willing to work to make a deal happen for everyone!

I just need to get this prop off my hands and move on!


@Dorothy Wulf would you be interested in potentially listing my prop? Are you familiar with the area?

Would love to talk to you more if you are interested.


Good morning Doug!

I would be happy to talk to you about your property and listing it to get it Sold. I have sold and listed properties in your area. 

Great could you shoot me a message? You're contact info is hidden and I can't post numbers or emails on the discussion.

Look forward to it!


I cannot either. I tried sending you my info but couldn't. You should be able to Google me, Dorothy Wulf and my cell should pop up or reach out to me via linked in

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