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Good evening

Hope all is well looking to get some feedback or reviews on these two companies Net Worth Realty and New Western Acquisitions . I am fairly new to real estate investing and would like to hire the services of a company as the ones mention above to bring me wholesale deals/leads for buy/flip and buy/hold strategy. What has been you all experience with these companies and the pros and cons of using their services. Any feedback and response would be truly appreciated. Thank you all in advance

@Josue Rivera Have you looked into the Bigger Pockets calculators? Free members get to use them 5 times and pro members get to use them an unlimited amount.  They're pretty cool really.  @Brandon Turner shows off how to use them quite often with the webinars. :)  They may help with the numbers and let you double check behind the realtors since you don't know how working with them would go. I suspect the cost of the pro membership would be worth the peace of mind if nothing else... and if it saves you a bad investment... :) 

Good luck with your future findings! :)