Bridgehouse America in Phoenix - Lease with option to buy

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Hi everyone.  We have a lease with option to buy offer on a house in Florida from Bridgehouse America in Phoenix, Arizona.  They are interested in doing a sandwich lease option or assigning the option back to us.  According to the Arizona state records, the company was established in July, 2017.  Has anyone heard of them or had any dealings with them?  Thank you very much in advance!

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Thank you, Mike!  We are actually the sellers in this case, so we want to make sure we are dealing with a reputable company.

Hi Philip,

I got an offer today from Bridgehouse America in Phoenix, Arizona. I tried to look them up to see if anyone else has worked with them before, but couldn't find much information on them except for their website ( Were you able to find out whether this company is legitimate?

Thank you

I have never heard of this business.  NOT to say that they are not legit, just that I haven't heard of them.  There are so many of these "we will buy your house for cash" companies popping up everywhere, that it wouldn't necessarily scare me off to work with them.  

My suggestion is that you take a substantial Earnest Money deposit, and make it non-refundable.  If you are taking enough Earnest money upfront, then the best case scenario is that they default, or the deal falls through, right?  

Thank you both!  We decided to go a slightly different route with our property and did not accept the Bridgehouse offer.  As Cara stated, it does not mean they are not legit.  They are registered in Arizona, but there was no registration in Florida.

Please us know if you end up working with them.

Has anyone else heard anything new regarding this company?

 I am in discussions with them regarding a property and I cannot find any reputable information regarding their validity.

Disclosure: I work for Bridgehouse

Hi All, I work for Bridgehouse America I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the company if at all possible.  

Philip, if you don’t mind my asking, did you move forward with the lease to own contract with BridgeHouse?

Hi Carlos, we ended up going a different direction and did not do any lease to own contracts.  Thanks for asking!  Phil

I am in discussions with them regarding a property and I cannot find any reputable information regarding their validity.

will like to know if anyone has recent info. on refinancing with them and their legitimacy

thank you

This company, and Mario, are scammers. Avoid this company at all costs. He takes your money and runs and never offers anything but excuses and lies.

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