Current or Past Customer of Bridge Turnkey in KC? Feedback?

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Hello all,

I was hoping to connect with a few of you who have purchased turnkey rentals from Nathan's team at Bridge Turnkey in Kansas City.   I have done my best to research the market, visited KC and met the Bridge team, and have seen their properties mid-rehab and post-rehab.

Looking for some "third party" feedback on how your experience was during purchase and their management style/ tenant retention.

Thanks in advance,


Disclosure: they are a business member of my organization, they pay MAREI, my organization a membership fee

They are a business member (advertising member) of our organization here in KC at MAREI, not many of the turnkey providers are.  And while I don't have first-hand experience with him, usually when we see someone doing a bad job or screwing people, as the leader of the organization, I get calls and complaints.  And to date after about 2 years I think of them being members, I have yet to hear or read anything bad.

Hope that helps.

Note that there are bad guys out there everywhere, but the really bad guys that we heard about back in the day, well they have all packed up and gone home, for the most part, sites like this exposed the scammers and scammer wannabes  ... but still,  DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.

Thanks Kim!  Having met the local team in KC, I have been impressed thus far with their transparency and professionalism.   I am just hoping for some discussion with folks that have purchased buy and hold property through Bridge.   

I have done a few deals with Nathan over the years.. he was truthful in his transactions so I am happy for him that he has grown in his company like this.

turn key reviews has also outed a bunch of these guys that were bad players @Kim Tucker   and KC had a bunch of them.. just like all these markets.. most of the not ready for prime time guys went the way of the dodo bird during the crash and could not restart.. and or too many complaints or ended up in Orange is the new black like a Marquis et al.  that's Chad Duecher.

Thanks Jay, a nod from you goes a long ways.  I have enjoyed Brianna’s turnkey podcast as well and have been utilizing the turnkey-reviews site.  Very helpful!

well enjoy this great fall weather whilst it last  !!!

@Andrew Korver Hi Andrew, I am also really interested in Kansas City and I have been researching to find a reputable and reliable turnkey property there. Have you finally bought a property from them?

@THANH NGUYEN We just went under contract yesterday as a matter of fact.  Rehab to finish and deal to close early February.  I would be happy to share my experience along the way and my thoughts on flying to KC in July if you are interested.

Disclosure: They are competitors

I consider them to be a competitor and have never heard anything negative. I normally hear about the ones that aren't doing a good job.

@Andrew Korver Hi Andrew, first of all congrats on your purchase.  Was wondering how things are going with Bridge and property management?  I have joined their buyer's list  and will be meeting with Nathan Brooks later this month.  

I currently own  2 properties in KC, managed by Voepel, which I understand is one of Bridge's PM partners.  I bought them just recently through a local realtor.  Let me know if there is something I can do to help you while I'm in KC, I'll be there April 21-24th.  Thanks!


I’m local and very active as a investor and realtor. I have talked to Nathan a few times. We have mutual contacts that speak well of him. I know a lot of the “turn key” guys here and I won’t trust many of them. If your looking to invest with a turn key company I think you found one of the better companies... maybe the best in kc. At the end of the day you need to run the numbers and double check their market research. It appears they do better work than most. Best of luck.

Just a quick follow up as I get quite a few PM's from this thread.  I did buy a property through Bridge Turnkey (and also through one of Mike D'Arrigo's partners) and the experience was as advertised.  

A few hiccups along the way (within expectations), but nothing that would prevent me from our next purchase.  

Quick tip- Call local home inspection companies and ask which TK companies are doing a quality rehab vs a poor rehab.  They may have some great tips to share!  

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