Home Encounter - property management in central Florida?

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I'm considering buying some rental properties in central Florida. I've come across a company called Home Encounter. https://www.homeencounter.com/

They appear to manage lots of property (one video claimed over 1,000), have branches in multiple cities in central FL, and pricing is good. Looks like a one-stop shop; they have a brokerage, manage rehab projects as well as property management. I found some complaints online, but most are from disgruntled tenants or would-be tenants. Haven't found any complaints from investors / property owners. Google reviews are good, but who knows how reliable they are.

Does anyone have any experience using them to manage their investment properties? 


Originally posted by @Mike McGee :

@Kim Meredith Hampton, do you serve Ocala? I checked your website and didn't see Ocala on your Cities Served page.

 Central Florida East to West Coast; Melbourne, Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, St Petersburg and Pasco County. Sorry, no Ocala!!

I’ve never heard of them and I’m active in Tampa, Orlando and Ocala.  It’s a fairly common business model though

@Mike McGee Did you ever get any information on Home Encounter? Its now Home River part of a national company. I'm interested in trying out a new PM in central Florida also. I found good reviews for their HOA management but nothing for the PM.