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Hello Fellow BP Members,

Recently I ran across a lending Group called Rental Property Lending Group on BP which has some loan products that seem attractive that will be able to use to grow the business faster.  It's ran by Bob Green, he has lots of connections here on BP and seems on the up and up.

However, my spidey sense has been going off despite during our communication he has been very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly and seems knowledgeable.  

What has set off my spidey sense?  The more I dig the more I find inconsistencies...

  • His profile checks out on other social media but LinkedIn has him with only 20 connections. (Justifiable if its a new profile)
  • His website has a link to a Bangladesh web design company. (Justifiable for a low cost web presence)
  • Logo and name on website is RPLG, but the title of the page says THG Capital Fund. (Justifiable, had a post recently that says RPLG merged with THG)
  • The Application he sent over has Finance of America Commercial LLC on the letterhead. (Not sure why the different company on letterhead... strange)
  • Illinois secretary of state has both Rental Property Lending Group INC and Rental Property Lending Group of America INC and they both are DISSOLVED, one being DISSOLVED INVOLUNTARY (Possibly, restructured into a new name during the merger forming entity in different state?  Not sure)
  • Finance of America LLC is in good standing, but owned by a Delaware LLC Buy to Rent Finance Manager. (Dead End, DE doesn't disclose officers/members)

I asked Bob Green for references and he said he has references, but did not provide any.

So my question for BP is, Has anyone here done business with RPLG, THG Capital Fund and/or Bob Green before and can you set my mind at ease?  I believe RPLG to be on the up and up, but would like to hear from others that have done business with them and or Bob Green.

If Bob runs across this post:  Not my intention to offend in any way, just doing my due diligence.  Hope everything checks out I would very much like to do business if everything is on the up and up.

Jeff V


I am happy to provide references. I have worked with several BP members. I will email you today.

As for the RPLG I have already discussed this with you. The company is not dissolved and will show up on the secretary of states website as active in about 10 days. I did share with you multiple other companies that I own that are active with same address as RPLG. My wife and I own a buy/hold and flipping company in addition to finance company. We are very seasoned investors.

As for THG Capital Group, if you look further into LinkedIn will find that I have hundreds of connections. This company was set up for commercial lending and other financing consulting services that I have offered over the years.

Again, happy to provide several references always to anyone who request them.



I talked with Bob Green in May 2016 or so. He was brokering for a large private lender, might still do that. He took info and got loan into the process with the lender. It fell apart there but not due to Bob.

So I did work with Bob and he did his part. Nothing ended up coming out of it but Bob seemed legit from my side.

Ive done 6 loans to date with Bob and will continue to do more.  After you are qualified the process is very easy... they fund the projects quickly. I highly recommend Bob and his team.  Hope this helps.

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Hey Marques,

Longtime no talk. Shoot me an email. Let's catch up.


Thanks Stuart! Hopefully we are going to be working on the low income housing section 8 opportunity together very soon. I'm excited!

@Jeff V.

I've worked with Bob in the last couple of years, and have done 3 deals. 

He has been great with communication, and have always closed on time. 1 deal was delayed, but wasn't his fault. 

Feel free to IM me if you need more details. 

I have personally met Bob Green and successfully completed 4 deals with him remotely from Florida. I would HIGHLY recommend Bob for his services. Bob is very responsive, thorough, and will work hard to get the deal done. Whenever I contact him during business hours, I have always received a response within the hour.. if not minutes. I have emailed him early in the morning/late at night and have been so surprised from his quick responses -- from his cell phone. Unbelievable work ethic! Bob has incredible patience and has helped me understand any questions I may have about the loan process. He is very transparent with pricing... down to the penny.

The line of credit product that he offers is no frills and is exactly as described. The funding comes very quick and the subsequent paperwork is very minimal. It's a very convenient product and will save lots of time. It's been a lifesaver for me and an amazing tool in my toolbox. I've been able to do get deals done because of the time and speed. I cannot think of a better OPM product.

Please PM me with any other questions.

Hi Jeff,

I've worked on 4 deals with Bob so far, and have another 4 in the pipeline for the next few months.  He's very responsive, sensitive to the timing considerations that are so important in our industry, and as other's have mentioned he is completely transparent on pricing.   Qualifying is no more burdensome than any other commercial product and once you have qualified funding is quick and painless.  

When I've worked with Bob he's provided all the details needed up front, so there are no surprises along the way - which is valuable in a lender.

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.

I'd echo the earlier comments regarding my experience with Bob - it's all been positive. The LOC product is a pretty well oiled machine. Ive got 3 deals with Bob under my belt and getting ready to launch into a few more within the next few months. I have absolutely no hesitations recommending his services.

Hi,  I have done a number of fix/flip deals through Bob.  Always easy to get a hold of,  transparent process, and competitive pricing.  What more could you ask for?  I highly recommend him if you are looking for a lending partner that can fund quickly and painlessly.  Feel free to PM me with any specific questions!

I have recently closed on 2 fix and flip deals through Bob and am in the process of closing on a 3rd.  The process has been very streamlined and Bob has been very responsive and helpful.  So far the funding has all gone as planned, on time and with no issues.  He has also been very transparent with all the pricing and fees, there have been no surprises. This has been a great product and Bob has been great to work with.  Feel free to PM me if you have an questions.

Disclosure: President

Thank you for the kind words. I definitely feel appreciated.

Disclosure: Client

I've done a couple of loans with Bob and plan to do many more. I got a LOC setup and have finished one flip and starting a 2nd. Bob is very professional and answers all questions quicker than expected in most cases and I can be annoying at times. I've met Bob in person as well, no worries on my end.

Thanks for the responses everyone!

Looking forward to a long business relationship with Bob Green.

Jeff V

Our company has done about 17 deals through Bob as of this date.

As a business owner for some 30 years , the best reference question is, "Would you rehire/use this person again?"

In this case . Yes. Personally I have lurked here for about 4+ years and have been busy building multi-million dollar custom homes. Had a change of course last year and doing fix flip in mid west.

I will try update my profile as I learn this platform. I guess I can accept DM's not sure?

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