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I am researching real estate schools that offer Colorado coursework. A good number of the schools have negative reviews so I am wary. I want to take courses online and am looking for a company that offers up-to-date interactive online content and well written material. Any suggestions?

You shouldnt expect much from a real estate school.  

I used Real Estate Express. I was told they are owned by the same company that writes the Michigan test. Maybe true, maybe not.

I took it 100% online and as far as I know passed with flying colors. In Michigan you don't get your test results back which is a bummer. It's just: you passed, or: you failed and here is your score.
There is the ability to contact an instructor with questions which are answered rapidly. I got some discount on the study package just above the bottom package. The only thing I would change is having a written handbook for after the fact.

@Lisa V.

Real Estate schools give you the material required to pass a test. Keep in mind the test is a state sponsored test. Similar to a Driving test. In NY it is 75 hours, which in reality turns into about 20 hours of real material. Now I will not speak of Colorado. Perhaps @Mindy Jensen can (and I would 100% take her opinion over mine in Colorado) give a better perspective. However generally speaking I believe that if you can pass a driving test you can study and pass a RE Salespersons test with the same amount of energy.

Now actually selling RE/contracts/farming/networking etc are another story, but getting licensed is easy.

Good Luck in your adventure!

Yes, @Mike Cumbie , I agree with your perspective. I want the prep to be as seamless and accessible as possible. 

Hi Lisa, in Colorado the school requirement is 168 hours of training. The DORA website has a list of the schools and the first time pass rate for each one. I also used real estate Express and was overall pleased with the results. IMO, the class is much more about passing the test than it is about practical real estate success.

@Lisa V. Colorado School of Real Estate online is by far the best way to get licensed (online) in Colorado. Actually follows the state exam unlike the other common ones I wont name. 

@Lisa V. , I took my course at They're out of Boulder, and while their information is up to date, they wasted zero dollars on proofreaders. They accurately conveyed information, but the typos and misspellings made my eyes hurt. 

On the plus side, they answered any questions I had almost instantly - which is impressive as I was taking the classes at night and on the weekends. They have a  test prep course that comes with the classes, and the questions in the test prep are nearly identical to those on the exam. 

Yes, @Kevin Grinstead , DORA was my resource for researching the schools. I'll give Colorado School of Real Estate another look, @Trey Watson .  That info is good to know, @Mindy Jensen . I can't understand why VanEd would put out a product with typos and misspellings; that is a pet peeve of mine. But, as you say, the bottom line is they are spot on in terms of what is on the test. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions!

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