Property Management and Job Hunt

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Hey, So my wife was working for a school and is now in between jobs. She wants to learn all about real estate investing as we are planning on buying a house hack within the next year or so. She is looking for a job in Utah County where she can learn the management side of real estate investing and is thinking about getting a job for a property management company whether she is working for free or as a paid employee she just wants to learn the transferable skills. Any advice on who? Or if you think their would be a better means to our same end?

@Collin Baumann I would suggest she just find a medium or smaller size PM company to work for. I suggest that size because then she wont be stuck just doing one part of the business but will have an opportunity to get experience in the entire process. I am sure you can get on a jobs site and find one that she can apply for and she will get paid while learning. 

I would focus on getting paid and the size of the company and not worry about a small commute. 

I hope this helps. 


Okay, great. Is your wife looking to learn more about real estate investing or how to manage properties. If she worked for a property management company then it's likely she won't get experience in actually real estate investing, they might be out there but I just haven't heard about them. 

Utah Vally is a great place for both types of work. 

With a little more info on what it is your wife is looking for maybe I could help direct you to some potential options. Feel free to DM me if you'd like.