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My rental from ABC Capital has been transferred to this property management company. So far, they seem pretty good, but I was wondering if anyone had any other experience with this team.

And yes, ABC Capital is awful. So is Maverick Investing, who were utterly useless helping us with ABC.  I'll add my story (which reads much like everyone else's) shortly.

I'm unfamiliar with them. Perhaps they are a newer company?

Same situation here.  ABC has been terrible.  I found SlateHouse Group at the recent MidAtlantic RE Investor's summit.  They have lower rates and seems have good referrals, although they are new in Philly.  I was thinking of jumping ship due to ABC's terrible management and now trying to decide is I should stay with Anchor or move to SlateHouse now.  BOTH of my Philly properties are facing evictions.  (Anchor seems to have bad terrible reviews from tenants on Yelp)

I always wondered why so few people followed up on their threads. Just realized it's because BP doesn't auto-subscribe you to replies. Sorry all.

Not too much else to report re Anchor yet, though.  

@Joe White - I see you are doing property management in town. By any chance, do you have a network of people who could be trusted to do rehab work in the city?  I'm trying to figure out what to do next, and I just don't know where to go for dependable rehab w

Folks, I've had to endure about a year of Anchor Realty now after having my properties transferred there by ABC.  At first, they were light years better than ABC.  However, I now cannot get them on the phone. They either don't answer emails, don't answer the questions I need answered or answer selective questions and ignore everything else.

Current issue: I filed an eviction on one property that was resolved with a judgment by agreement in December. The tenant paid 4 months and now has defaulted.  After filing the writs of possession, she filed an appeal to the court of common pleas. The problem? no communication from Anchor until I asked on Wed. what the status was.  Come to find out I have until Monday to file a complaint in the common pleas court. It's now Friday.  I've been trying since yesterday (Thursday) to get them to let me talk to the lawyer. I was told he'd call me today "between 12 and 1 pm."  It's now after 3:00.  No calls.  I've been asking since 1:15 for the lawyer's contact information. No response.

I'm done with Anchor. If it's possible, I think they might be worse than ABC (okay... not really, but not much better).

QUESTION: Which management company do former ABC clients recommend? I need to move these properties before I go postal on these guys or have a stroke.  Thanks.