First set of Yellow Letters

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Well after about 3 months of education (reading, podcasts, webinars, BP forums, and REI meetings) I finally have sent out my first set of Yellow Letters!!! I made a goal to start mailing 25 letters per week which in stamps is about 50 bucks a month. When you add envelopes thats about 5 bucks a month and paper about 5 or 6 bucks a month. So 60 bucks a month to mail out 100 letters isnt to bad. When I make my first deal even if I only make 500 bucks the ROI is big in my opinion!! I may not get a deal right away and its possible I could send out a few hundred before getting a deal but that wont discourage me!! Now this first round of letters was simply sent out to expired listings since I get those for free from an Agent. My next round will be to tax delinquent properties since the county auction will be happening at the end of May. I also want to target Mortgage defaults since I can get that list free from title companies websites. If anybody disagrees with my aporoach please tell me and let me know your thoughts dont pull any punches. Any feedback, suggestions, advice, tips, or tricks would be greatly appreciated!! I am really pumped for what is to come in the near future!!! Thanks BP for introducing me to the great world of REI!!!

I mail postcards mostly... I probably mail around 250-300 postcards per week on average. I've never mailed yellow letters. I'm interested in hearing about your success. Are you doing them in house or using a service? Best of luck to you!

I do them in house. I figured out a way to do the letters through my scanner and printer so I dont have to hand write every letter and every copy still has red font but it still looks like I hand wrote them all!

Congrats on your first mailing! Care to share any tips on printing the yellow letters yourself? I plan to tackle that project this weekend, and would love any pointers ; )

First off write your letter on yellow paper in red ink. Take a regular white printer paper and I place the white paper over top the yellow and put them both up to a window with light shinning in. At this point you are simply tracing onto the white paper what you can see from the yellow paper. When this is done place the white paper on your scanner and scan it onto your computer then place all of your yellow papers in the printer feed and print out your copies. Remember you will have to paly with it a few times to get it exactly how you want it. Remember to make sure your color option on your printer is turned on. The reason you cant put your yellow paper on the scanner is because then you will end up with multpile different lines on the yellow paper you print out. If this is confusing message me again and I will try and explain it better. Good Luck

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