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I had used Outlook for several years but finally got tired of the overhead in resources and data stored on my PC so I've switched over to Google for contacts and general email purposes. But, I need a good database to store leads, store buyer lists, create drip email campaigns.

What are you using?

I use Gmail and Google Docs to manage email, contracts and excel related documents.

I use to manage my opt-in mailing list.

I too am looking for a CRM solution that will help me manage seller leads and manage drip campaigns to buyers.

Wish you luck!

I've been thinking pretty seriously about Infusionsoft but I know it's spendy so I'm hoping for more input from others.

Hopefully we can both get some help :)

Quite a few people like to use Zoho CRM. It's free but takes a little time to setup.

I would love to talk to someone that has programmed zoho to work for wholesaling. That would be great.

I've been thinking pretty seriously about Infusionsoft but I know it's spendy so I'm hoping for more input from others.

Hopefully we can both get some help :)

Not sure I like this mobile app?

I recall a guru once offering a pre formatted Zoho

I uses Zoho CRM for my business (not real estate as of yet). Its a good tool but does take time to import in all the data. Could be worth paying a high school student for or use Fiver starts at $5 and contains people all over the world looking for work for tasks that can be done remotely.

I love fiverr. I haven't found a fiverr zoho programmer though.

Gosh, I wish someone could remember the guru who promoted a pre programmed zoho. I would buy that if it fit. I've been googling... no luck yet.

I heard about Zoho on the Biggerpockets podcast today. I signed up for free and uploaded my 2014 leads in about 15 minutes. It was very simple. I just had to match my fields labels with the fields Zoho offers.

For the last 3 years I have been using a hodgepodge of systems to manage emailing, customer contacts and notes and action reminders. I can see already how this is going to make me a lot more efficient.

Just heard about Podio on a podcast today. Has anyone used Podio?

I use Podio and love it. It is amazing.

I spent 20 years in IT creating and digging into industrial-strength databases for all sorts of purposes. Because of that I've never found a canned CRM I wanted to use, and I don't want to code my own. Instead I use a different kind of CRM system that I designed using a kanban board. Kanban is a productivity/project management tool and was developed in the 1950's at Toyota.

Think of a kanban board as your on-line deal whiteboard with columns for stages of the deal, and entries under each column. I use Trello - a free, simplified on-line version that allows you to build your own boards in about 5 seconds.

In Trello I created columns for stages of the deal: Called, Qualified, Walk Through, Offer, Contract, Close. In each column I have a card (like a virtual index card) with all the info I could ever need about the seller, the house, etc. The cards themselves have a lot of built-in capabilities to let you share with your team, set times and due dates, label in colors, and more.

The best part is that as the deal progresses through my deal pipeline I merely drag the card from one column to another depending on what's happened. I can see all my deals in play in one glance, see where they are in the pipeline, and can drill down as needed to see the details on any single deal. Nothing falls through the cracks, contact info is never lost, and I don't have to map fields, modify labels, run reports, do Db maintenance or conversions, or anything else to get the info I need.

The only thing I haven't done with Trello is import my entire mailing list so that I can have my universe of possible prospects available. However every caller and lead gets a card, and it makes following up very easy since I can see everything in a single top-level view.

Hey all,

The "preconfigured" Zoho is from Mob Realty.

@Joe McCall I really wish you would start selling your configuration! I've got some time, but would much prefer out of the box to be up and running so I can concentrate on filling it with more leads!

@Jim Foil - I will be doing a webinar this next week... Stay tuned. :)

@Joe McCall I'm with @Jim Foil on this one too! My time would be better spent networking and finding properties for my buyers. I want an out of the box set-up too! That is if it's reasonably priced.

I know this post is a bit dated but I think I can provide some value.  I'm just getting started with Trello and this article helped me tremendously.

This article was written in march of this year and I think it's perfect for anybody doing any kind of lead gen.  Good luck all!

@Brett Synicky  , I just found your recommended link and it's great!  I am a big Trello fan and the author shows how to do some great things with it.  Thanks.  

@Alison M Can you set up direct mail campaigs with Trello?  Any downsides that your seeing?

If you guys are looking at trello, you should really check out as well.  I think it's more intuitive and flexible than trello, and within each task you can have a checklist and also put notes associated with that task.  I'm in no way affiliated with this organization, I just like their product.  It's a tiered pricing model, so you can get a free account or you can choose from paid plans that have different levels of additional features.

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