motivated sellers

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What's a good strategy to find motivated sellers?

Where can I find a free software that's analyzes your deal for so you can present it to your buyer?

Search the blogs for wholesaler posts, read them all. Then listen to the podcasts.

As far as software, read brandon's deal analysis post so you can learn how to analyze a deal then read the bigger pockets newbies guide.

@Fednel Vilcant The best way to analyze deals is to do it yourself. No software will be able to take into consideration what you can see and personal judgement.

Just think about this for a second...The good investors can walk into a property take a look around for 5 minutes and then make an offer. That tells me that it's not that hard to analyze a deal, but it also tells me that it takes experience to learn what you are looking for.

So get out there, look at houses and learn what you are looking for. You'll then be able to analyze your deals in a matter of minutes in your head.

@Scott Costello Thanks for the advise.

You need to analyze yourself, but you also need to know what your buyers are looking at. I have partnered with a cash buyer so working with him has really helped me get the investor mindset.

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