can i wholesale without ever looking at the property?

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if i send direct mail out an hour or two out is it worth driving there or are there ways i can still do wholesales without ever looking at it?

would it be solely about trusting the GC and i would negotiate over the phone prettty much?

Derek, research virtual wholesaling. Where there's a will there's a way. You'll have to develop some strong systems but it's possible. Alex Joungblood and Chris Chico are two big names in that arena, they have educational material on the subject.

I don't meet the sellers I buy from. I don't look at the properties I wholesale. It is all in the numbers. If the numbers make sense, your buyers will go see the property and close.

@Account Closed order the book "getting started in real estate day trading" by Larry Goins. This book will teach you how to wholesale properties without ever leaving the comfort of your home. He teaches you how to safely buy and sell homes just using the internet, phone, fax, and email, and profiting 5,000+ a day. Don't believe me? GET THE BOOK. Not only does he teach you how to do it, he teaches you how to set up a system, or a BUSINESS to increase profits and decrease time. From your question, this book sounds like your next best investment.


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