Website on Yellow Letters?

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Has anybody ever put their website on their yellow letter? If so, what were the results?

On one hand I can see the benefit of giving people multiples ways to reach you. On the other hand I can see it defeating the purpose of the yellow letter, and that you want to force the most motivated people to pick up the phone and call you.

Would love to hear any and all feedback.

@Chris Elliott I do put my website on the yellow letters when targeting the absentee owner lists just because of the idea that the individual if not interesting selling his rental today might just go out and check my website and put in his favorites for future reference when he's ready. I did get couple of leads from my website and the response to the question when asked how did you hear about us? Letter in the mail.


I appreciate the response. Yea I can definitely see how using direct mail to drive people to a website/squeeze page can work. My thinking was to capture the people that are too timid to speak over the phone, and giving them a less intimidating way to respond. My other though it that it would legitimize me. In this day and age, it kind of sketches me out when a company doesn't have a website.

Chris, I sent out 500 yellow letters which targeted rental property. I received 35 responses. I'm still following up. Unfortunately most we're in an area I didn't feel adequate to deal in. Some just wanted to give me the property. I benefited by getting back in the game and just talking real estate.

I suggest you keep it simple . Yellow Letters set me up with a local number and I forwarded the calls to my home office number.

Good luck .

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