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I am a newbie!!! I am newbie trying to wholesale.

Anyway I have rode in a few neighborhoods and have wrote down property addresses of vacant homes with high grass and boarded windows. Since then I have tried to get in contact with whoever owns these properties AND I have had a hard time. I know the phone numbers and the people whose names where on the deeds but I can't get in contact due to disconnected phone numbers.

Any help on what I should do? THANKS

where would I find the tax record?!?!

I don't think their REOs. I went to website and I input the addresses in to see if they're REOs and coudnt find then on the website. None of them.

What could I do to find out who own these properties?'

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@Michael DuVentre

Along with the homes your getting info on you should also make sure to write down the info when you see a FSBO sign as this is also a potential for you to find a property that most other wholesaler's and turnkey providers are not taking advantage of. I have been successful on a handful of them over the years and they have always turned a decent profit on average of $10,000. If you get one under contract you might approach a turnkey provider as they will be your fastest potential to sell this home and make a quick profit. Good luck