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So I've decided to send letters to prospects. I'm going to try a very simple approach and basically handwrite "I want to buy your home, call Chris @...". I've read that the color yellow works well? I figured I'd use yellow loose leaf paper. I already have the stamps, envelopes and paper.

The big question is...

 Who do I send it to? My budget/supplies are very limited. I was going to send out 50 letters. Is that too small of an amount? I thought something is better than nothing? I don't want to waste these letters! :) If you could only send out 50 letters who would you send them to?

Thanks in advance

Plaintiffs in Eviction Court. Go to the local courthouse and request records of plaintiffs who have been in eviction court for the past 6 months. They will email you a spreadsheet with all the information.

These are landlords that have a property that is likely trashed and it's not making them any money right now.

Good luck!

Personally, I have never heard of Eviction Court and you may not have such a thing in your county, but Christopher is on the right track with the county courthouse.  If you are on a tight budget and want to set a 50 letter limit, start at your county courthouse and have a plan for exactly the type of owner you want to reach.  Here is how I did it, and I found my 1st deal with my 2nd letter:  http://tinyurl.com/l5sw95e

Thanks Paul. Yeah, I did see "eviction court" when I goggled it but was planning on calling in the AM. I will be sure to read your link

Drive around the houses in your area.... look for houses with bad roofs, beat up garage doors, broken windows, basically distressed looking.....  write down the address and personalize your letters to that specific address..."I want to buy your home at 123 Main st, call Chris @..."...  You can go to usps.com and buy cool stamps for the same price as regular plain stamps plus shipping... I just ordered Ronal Regan stamps that look awesome.... Good Luck,


Hi Dusty, that's a good idea. Should I avoid houses with letters tapped to the door? I think that usually means they're in foreclosure and I'm not ready to deal with the bankd just yet

@Christopher Thomas:

 Not too sure, but your probably right... Let me know how it goes. Good Luck!


I most certainly will! Thanks Dusty!

I called the courthouse and they don't have an eviction court. However, they did tell me how to find property owners who owe back taxes. So my plan is to send out 30 letters to people who owe property taxes and reserve 20 letters for "distressed properties" like Dusty mentioned.

I also have been advertising on craigslist and was going through the FSBO section in various markets making offers. I'm using eppraisal.com to get values and then taking 65% of what the lowest number is and emailing FSBOs my offer saying:

Good evening!

Would you take $200,850, all cash, close in 45 days or less?

I received a few no thank you's and one FU lol. It's all a numbers game.

I send out my letters to absentee owners with equity.  These are the best sellers to target.  However, with only 50 letters keep in mind that you might not get any calls.  It took me sending 900 letters to get 50 calls, but my letter was somewhat vague, and therefore I had a lot of call from "curious" sellers.  

OK, thanks Ben. I hope by supplementing my letters with other lead generating activities I will get at least one deal and then I plan on ramping up my direct mail campaign

I've never heard of there not being an eviction court. If there isn't one, then how to landlords evict tenants in your area?

Perhaps you called the criminal court. Eviction court is in the Civil Division and I've had some good luck with eviction leads...

Good point. It could have been the lady working there didn't feel like dealing with me today too lol. I will try again

Out where I am, they've never had anyone request those records, so they told me at first it couldn't be done. I had to actually pry a little. Which is good- no competitors going after that list, just me.

They are also absentee owners with equity, by the way, that HATE their property. Better for us, I'd say.

here in York, there are a ton of big investors which makes it hard to compete with the deep pockets. I'm betting on the fact that the big dogs around here feel this type of strategy is above them at this point in their career

would there maybe be another name for "eviction court" that I could use when I ask again?

Originally posted by @Christopher Olson :

I've never heard of there not being an eviction court. If there isn't one, then how to landlords evict tenants in your area?

Perhaps you called the criminal court. Eviction court is in the Civil Division and I've had some good luck with eviction leads...

 In Maryland, evictions are handled in District court.  Landlords obtain a Judgement, which leads to a hearing in District court.  So, in Maryland you could ask to see who has filed a Judgement for eviction.  That would be the equivalent of what you suggested.

Thanks Paul. I've actually started to write out letters to people who owe property taxes to start out. I'm going to send out 25 and see if there are any bites. If not, I may switch to landlords who filed judgements/eviction court. At the same time I've started to drive around looking for distressed property.  I have a pen and paper in my car. Once I find some, I will start leaving notes on doors.

I will let everyone know how it goes...if you don't hear from me, I'm probably locked in some pysco's basement!  Lol

Just wanted to give everyone an update. I just mailed out my first batch of letters! Hopefully I'll at least get one bite! :)

Hi Christopher I am new at this too and will be doing wholesaling by assignment. I have been trying to figure out the best way to get motivated sellers. Thanks for posting this for suggestions and hope you do not mind me taking ideas from the ones who replied, btw they all gave very good valuable info to get started. I will be posting to look for cash buyers as well. Wouldn't want to get a seller and have no buyer. Good luck to you on your search and new biz ????????????

Thanks Russell

With that limited amount I'd drive for dollars too. I may be wrong, but I'd bet percentage wise this will be a higher return than a list - these properties you KNOW are in rough shape.

I'm not sure where the term originated but the term yellow letter does not refer to the color of the paper but a type of direct mail piece--a hand written less formal note to a home owner.

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