scared too death

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i went to than merrils free seminar and ive dreamed of doing this since the carlton sheets days ps please dont laugh at me but i have an internet business i do ok but 7 day after the seminar i dove in i have a property under contract and im dont  know where to get a cash buyer ive heard if i go to the county clerk i could i could a list of newly  purchased properties and start cold calling ANYBODY HHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! july 28th is approaching any advise woild help

if you have the property under contract become a pro member on here and post up the details on the marketplace. Also, like you mentioned, pull absentee owners in the immediate area. If there is a REIA meeting in you area in the next month I would go and meet with local investors. You could also contact BP members that are located I the area.

Bottom line - if it's truly a good deal it'll sell itself...

Good luck!

@Melvin Owens  get an RE Agent to pull all cash sales to non-owner occupants in the last year. Take that list and start calling.

Find a reputable marketing company or consultant to help you market the property properly. 

Good advice above. Also get out to your local REI meetings and present there. You'll find out in hurry if it's a real deal or not.

well ive shaken off fear and im moving foward  thanks for all advice im going pro NOW

@Jon Kopp  please explain the type of marketing company or consultant that you use to quickly flip a wholesale property?

Hi Melvin, try contacting another wholesaler in your area. Maybe you can arrange a split of the profit, or pay a referral fee.

@Melvin Owens


Can you share some specifics on your first deal?

What strategy did you use to get it under contract?

Purchase Price? Wholesale? Fix and Flip?

I would first look on redfin in the neighborhood and see what's currently on the market, newly renovated. Chances are that's owned by a rehabber, who's already looking for another property in the same neighborhood.

Also, drive around in the neighborhood and see what's currently being worked on and get the owner name and ph# from the posted permit documentation. 

Then I'd call people from the above 2 lists and ask them for their email address. 

Create an email about the property that you send to all of those people at the same time. Put them all in as 'Blind copy/BCC, but address it as 'Hi, everyone' , so that they know that they have competition. 

Then see who bites ;-)

well i followed the forums advice im a pro now LOL and i thank you all for being so quick to give a neebie sound advice

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