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Is there other ways to find wholesale properties besides driving around, yellow letters and bandit signs?

Those are some of the better ways to get property as the competition is low compared to bidding online for bank REO's.

Talk to everyone you know.... Ask them who they know who needs to sell...

Here is a great picture with that thought in mind...

how do i doing about findimg probate leads?

@Fednel Vilcant  search "probate" on this site and I'm sure you'll find a wealth of information that can help you along the say.  

@Fednel Vilcant To be clear, you are looking for wholesale properties you can sell to investors, correct?  The methods you have listed are the most common ways - is there some reason you don't want to use those?

As @Michael Q. stated, network.  In addition to telling everyone you know, you can network with RE agents you don't (yet) know.

@Adrian Tilley  I've tried both methods and I have not yet received any response. It's frustrating. I feel as if I'm not doing it right.

@Micheal Q I will keep that in mind. Networking is key.

I did not pick up on a strong sense of much of any understanding of real estate from the OP. If I'm wrong, my apologies.

Suggest you spend some time, money and effort on your real estate education before tackling probate (or multi-family residential or high-rise commercial, for that matter). 

There are a lot of moving parts to many probate cases (meaning family dynamics, legal, title and multiple issues, to name a few). 

While Michael Q's post about networking is well meaning, I would personally suggest that the time to tell the world what you know and do is when you have something basic to offer. Otherwise, those that you've encountered will take note of your lack of knowledge than what and how you can help them. After all, the world is tuned in to the same station, WIIFM (what's in it for me). 

If you can't add to their life, you'll have all the appeal of a Magic Jack TV commercial.

Become a seeker of knowledge.  Start where you are and train from there. 

@Fednel Vilcant What have you tried?  How much?  How often?  For how long?  Where is your system breaking down?  No phone calls, no appointments, no offers, or no closed deals?  The answer to those questions will tell you what to change.

I have to agree with @Rick Harmon 

There isn't a lot you can do if you don't go out and prepare yourself for the world.  There are two sides to the coin, one is the motivation to go out and just do it; which it seems like you have, the other side is to make sure you at least have a slight grasp on what it is you're trying to do, which you may need to work on a bit.  

RE investing is a lot of work and takes TONS of persistence; you should really consider that before jumping into it.

@Rick H.  

Color me "Stupid" however I sure hope people don't go from "I want to be" to "I am" without educating themselves... Doing so can be very expensive, a lot more than the education would cost if learned before jumping head first into investing... 

My point was that one doesn't need to use "Paid" marketing to be successful and some of the best deals will come from people you know over strangers. 

Have you also tried "I Buy Houses" ads on Craigslist?  Maybe a car magnet also?

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