What is the best way to find wholesalers

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I'm looking for some advice on how to locate wholesalers in my area. Does anyone have any great ideas?

Put a cheap for sale by owner house on craigslist and they will all answer the ad....trust me.  I've had a ton of them answering my ads this week :)

You may also pick up some cash buyers while you are at it.

Yes, you can put up an ad for a house you don't have, often referred to as a ghost ad, which I am not saying you should nor shouldn't do, that's completely up to you.  I'm just telling you what works for me (my ads are for my houses - not ghost ads - just to clarify :).

You can also place an ad on craigslist saying you are looking to network with other wholesalers, or an ad here on BP, make sure you are specific to your area.

Thanks Priscilla, great idea your awesome! 

A great way to find wholesalers is to call the "We Buy Houses Signs" in your target market and ask them what do they have. Most of these individuals will be wholesalers. 

 @Arktavious Sally  ... thanks for the idea.

@Priscilla Z.... that is a funny idea, but it sure to work. I just might give it a try.

good tips. i have had a hard time finding wholesalers in my area.

These are all great ideas! Thank you to all.

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