are really populated areas better targets for absentee owners?

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i am about to get a new absentee owner mailing list... my last one i did all of nh pretty much.

this time i am targeting more populated areas though, does it make a difference? does it help? are places by beaches any better or worse? should i target places like Boston Mass?

also, is there anyway to get cheaper stamps? im sick of spending 49 cents a stamp

@you want to create a continous funnel of property coming through for your buyers. Where and what are your buyers looking to buy?

I don't think you need to go into MA and give up on NH or anything.

When you get to far north and to west there will be less investors working those areas.  Unless you have made contact with the players out there and now what they want you might have a hard time unloading a deal even if you got something pretty good.

I'd advice stay in the eastern half of the state and South of Concord if you want to narrow it more go South of Manchester.  In these areas you will be able to find buyers much easier so a good deal should be easy to sell.

Just for example I'm out of MA and do most of my stuff here, but I look in Southern NH and would buy a good deal in the areas that I am saying.  But the house would have to be pretty much free to even consider looking at something in like Berlin.

I agree with what Shaun said. Granted I have minimal experience, however I would keep it to south of Concord and around the northern areas of Mass such as Methuen and Lowell. On a side note, I am from Chester, NH (near Derry) and would love to work with you.

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