Is there hope for Investors Las Vegas???

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So I'm reading a lot of messages on various boards and forums that Vegas is basically hopeless in regards to wholesaling, fix and flips etc. This is bad news for me as me and my family will be relocating there as totally new investors, after being missionaries for over a decade. (We will be staying with my wife's family for a couple of months) 

What I'd like to know is, are there any investors currently with "boots on the ground" who disagrees with these reports? Is there anyone successfully finding/doing deals consistently? If these reports are accurate, can anyone point us in the right direction on where we can start or what we should do to begin our investing careers? Should we focus out of state? Try another strategy in Vegas? We don't have a lot of cash so we're looking for a strategy that won't require a lot of cash up front. Hope to stir it up and hear some feedback from you Vegas folks soon. Thanks and God Bless!!!

I'm not sure that you'll be able to do much in any market without capital to dedicate to marketing.

@Roland Gray  

with no capital you will probably need to start as a bird dog... there are deals in every market Vegas included. It is not like it was 2 to 3 years ago for sure..

You may also want to get your RE license so you can actually make some money while your learning, my daughter just got her license in Vegas and is on a team.. She has 3 closings since she started in March which is pretty good for someone starting out.

@Jay Hinrichs  has a good suggestion about getting a license.  Getting on a producing team would likely be the best option for you.  You'll make less per deal, but 30-50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.  Keep in mind, there are still startup costs to getting your license in the ballpark of a few grand. 


My name is Mark. I live in Las Vegas, I've only been here for only 2 monhts. I have 4 Deeds from H/O. You could say I am a flipper but I don't fix them up, I sell them to guys who fix/flip them. I'd be happy to sell you some if you want some. 

I am glad everyone is negative on Vegas, it just leaves more for me. I've done anywhere from 4 - 15 deals per month, every month, since 1995. I've done over 1800 deals in 40 different States here since 1995. Most people don't get how to do this business. I've taught over 180 people how to successfully do this, and I kept records and have a 94% success rate and getting those people to be successful and completed several deals. My response to the 6% that didn't - you just can't fix lazy and stupid. If your willing to work, this payoffs greatly.

Welcome to the neighborhood. You can also do this with no money and no credit.

Mark Kemp

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