Yellow or White?

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Hey B.P.! I'm looking into sending out cards through direct mail? Does anyone have experience with this process?  This is my first time and I'm willing to listen to any ideas.  Thank you all!

Yellow letters had the most impact when we do them. Although I've never tried white, so you could try both and see which gets the best result.

For the most part, the most popular ones are yellow.

Awesome! I already have a craiglist ad stating what we do.  It states our services as is pertains helping distress home owners.  Is this the type of content that I would be putting into my postcards as well? 

The logic behind using yellow as a background color on postcards it to match the post office's notice color. Using the same or similar color of the notice will cause the viewer to categorize your postcard as important thus reaching into the stack of mail to see your message.

Thanks Michael! It makes absolute sense.  Hope you don't mind me asking roughly what you have written down on the cards when you send it out? 

@Michael Q. Dude awesome website!

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