Is it better to have a random phone number or an easy-to-remember or vanity phone number?

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For marketing, say with yellow letters, and other direct mail, is it better to have a random phone number like, 555-872-43752, or something easier to remember like 555-872-5000?

Oops, too many digits in the first phone number, but you get the idea.

yellowLetters stay with a local number... ZipLetters, PCs and Professional letters a vanity is fine as long as the vanity is the whole number. 855-475-CASH isn't a vanity number where -1800Sell4Cash is.

So if only a partial stay with the local. Although use different telephone numbers on all mail pieces.

AND Stay away from repeating sixes. 666.  Its amazing how many investors don't see the negative however a few sellers certainly will. we don't want to kill our opportunity with our message.

@Michael Q. I have a number ending in 5050 that I'm currently using, not exactly a vanity number, but it seems like a business number.  Maybe I'll switch that one for the YL.

I need to order my next round of letters from you--probably tomorrow.  :)

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using vanity numbers can help increase new calls to your business by up to 14 times over traditional phone numbers according to several marketing surveys. Vanity Numbers are much more easier for people to remember words or a row of similar numbers rather than having to look up and recall a regular or random phone numbers.

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