What can the web offer wholesalers besides squeeze pages?

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It seems a lot of people have squeeze pages. But what else can the web do for wholesalers? Does anyone use any online tool do something more complex?  Any ideas?'

One idea I have is to have a bunch of squeeze page themes specifically for the RE market for wordpress. That would allow even the most technophobic wholesaler the ability to create a sharp looking squeeze page. 

The submit could even go into a database to keep track of all the leads.

My friend is a web programmer and I was thinking we could launch a product.

Squeeze pages are a great tool. Keep in mind though they are discovered through a campaign. You need to have some systems in place driving traffic to your squeeze pages, otherwise they hang out in "internet space," and just look cool to nobody. 

Do you have strategies in mind to drive traffic to your squeeze pages?

Do you have a budget in mind to accomplish this?

Do you have a main website setup currently?

The biggest mistake I see is people spend a ton of money on websites and squeeze pages, but spend zero on promotion.

If I had $10K to spend, I would spend <25% on development and >75% on promotion.

Think of it like this: The guy who restores a beautiful car and leaves it under a tarp in the garage, gets only those select invited friends to see the beauty. The other guy who restores the same car and then drives it all over town, gets recognition from the community:)

I used Freedomsoft for a couple of months and IMHO it's not worth the price. I believe you can do everything you need to do with nothing more than a hosting account, Wordpress (with the right plugins) and a little bit of time to dig in and get your hands dirty. 

The one thing that turned me off most about Freedomsoft though was the relentless upselling they do. Even after I forked over around 300 bucks to sign up for the service, I was immediately (like literally the next day) getting calls from an outfit called Fortune Builders. These guys have some sort of tie in with Freedomsoft. They're one of these "coaching" service companies that (get this) charge like $25,000 for "mentoring". Even after I turned them down the phone calls kept coming in . 

Anyways, I digress. My point is that in my experience Freedomsoft wasn't worth the money or the hassle. If you do insist on subscribing to a web based CRM, iFlip is pretty solid and WAY cheaper than some of the alternatives. The support for iFlip is really good too.

The key is multiple pages that show up the top of Google for all your keywords.

Like @Stephen Chatto  said you need to start to get your page ranked for keywords in your local area such as "We Buy Houses [location]." 

With adwords being about $18 a click it only takes 10 hits a day like on my site to equal $5,500 in free marketing a month.

With the money you save you can send out mailers.   

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