Trouble Talking to and Contacting Cash Buyers

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Im new to real estate and wholesaling and I live in Barbados (home of the beautiful Rihanna) but I'm learning more everyday and am determined to 

"make it" my motto is perseverance seldom fails ... the question is this  ... what exactly should i say to buyers to a) sound profession and seasoned and to b) make the convo seem legit although i feel like we both know i just truly need their criteria.. can you please help .. I have watched several vids about how to find buyers but i cant find any on how to talk to buyers ...i still feel uncomfortable calling the kings of realestate as it were with out know what i say.

Thanks in advance a mill for sharing!!!


Offer a great deal.  That one thing will set you apart from 99% of the would-be wholesalers.  There's no need for any big conversation.  You just need to know their criteria.  There's a sticky thread in this forum on building your buyers list.

Well just know most of them aren't Kings!! They're normal people just like you and likely doing the same exact thing as you. If you want to sound professional and seasoned than the only thing you can do is learn as much as you can to be able to "talk the talk". The more people you talk to the better you will get at it.

I personally would spend more time trying to find a good deal to present than building a buyers list. If you truly have a good deal, a buyers list won't matter, you won't have a problem finding a buyer.

Thanks so much to both Chris K and John Holdman I agree fully what your saying makes complete sense as it will eliminate my apprehension of sounding like an annoyance rather than an asset!   Great advice 

Originally posted by @Shannon B.:
what exactly should i say to buyers to a) sound profession and seasoned

 There is nothing you can say that will make you sound seasoned.  The kind of buyer you want will be able to spot a newbie in 5 min. Probably actually in the first 30 seconds.  

So DO NOT try to be anything you aren't. There is nothing wrong with being new. But try to BS your way to getting someone  to think you are experienced will instantly lose you credibility. 

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