Direct mail letter salutations?

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What title or introduction would you suggest I use for corporate owned properties?

Example: property is owned by ABC corp, with no management personnel contact information provided.

What salutation have you had success with?

Dear business owner, Dear managing principal, Dear management team?

Thanks, Chris

In my investing I don't market for coorporate owned properties. That being said, In my opinion I would address the coorporation by name.

Using your example of ABC Corp,

  Dear ABC Corp,

That's how I would title it. that's just my opinion though, not sure if there is a right or wrong answer.

If it's a corp. I normally would say something in a memo form like 

Dept. of Acquisitions

ABC Corp.

123 Short Rd

Anywhere, USA 55555

To whom it may concern,

etc. etc. etc.

This way it looks more professional and can be directed to the correct person/s. If it's a possible lead I don't want it ending up on a pile of papers somewhere.

Hope this helps.  :)


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