Wholesaling multi-unit properties

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Anyone out their that have wholesaled multifamily properties before? Would like to know how do you determine your wholesale fee say on a 50+Unit? When doing smaller units like 12 or less I would usually  add $100-$200 a door so would you suggest applying the same equation to a larger size amount of doors?

The best answer to this that I've heard was taking a fee based on the CoCR.  If you are producing high returns, investors generally won't squabble at the fee.  Just my $.02.

If the current market value of the building is, say a 7 cap, and you tied it up at an 8 cap leave a little meat on the bone for your buyer so he gets a good deal.

It's the same as saying if you tied a house up for $70k that was worth $90k (as-is) - how much should my assignment fee be?

Adding a price/door only works if you have room in your assignment price to still attract a buyer with your mark up.

And by the way, the answer to "how much" is always: as much as the market will bare.

I agree with above.  The two options: 1) assign the deal when you have it under contract.  2) Close with private money or perhaps transactional funding.  Under option 2 your profit spread is not disclosed.  Therefore back to the key point is it still a smoking good deal for the end buyer?

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