I got a call/text back on a mailing, what should i say?

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i actually got a call back from a (small) mailing i sent out. After a few phone messages back & forth they are txting me asking what my offer is. I want to reply back that i have to find out more about the property first before i can make an offer. I was thinking about saying i have to but it as an investment & the #'s have to make sense for me, but not mention specifically that im an investor. I am going to make sure i try not to waste their time or mine, if we are far apart & will put them on another follow up mailing list & try to leave 

cont... Leave on a good note & go seperate ways (maybe try to drop a plug if they come across any other sellers i offer a finders fee too)

Without seeing the condition of the property my starting offer would be $X after I look at it and see what needs to be done it will either go up or down but I'm good giving you $X as a starting point.

good advice. & i remember from one of the podcasts i should be a bit embarassed by my first offer

Most of all, be a human being. I've noticed that lots of wholesalers (not so much on Biggerpockets) have this tendency to ask questions like they are filling out a survey. People can't connect to a robot, they want to feel cared about and that they can trust you to do what you say you can do. 

People always sell/buy from people they trust. If you don't believe me, ask your friend for a recommendation on a movie or something like that, how likely are you to see it compared to some stranger on the street?

You are there to offer them a solution to their problem, while making a good living for yourself in the process.

Integrity, integrity, integrity.

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