All in one Printer Recommendations [Inkjet vs Laser]

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Hi everyone

I am still using a wired Canon inkjet printer I was given a couple of years ago and it is about to give up the ghost. I am in the market for a new printer and I figured the upcoming sales might have a great one. I was looking through past BP posts and saw the  HP8600 mentioned a few times. I was thinking about getting a laser one but I did not see many people mention them.

I figure to printer between 500-1000 pages a month. I would like to be able to print invitation and regular envelopes as well. For large mailing campaigns I have outsourced, but sometimes I just want to mail like 75 letters and that should be done by me. I have hand written them in the past but it is no fun obviously.  If the printer could print on smaller paper than normal (like those small notepads you put lists on) that would be awesome, but I am not sure any cheaper printer can do this.

At least half of my printing will not be mailers, rather just basic documents and things like that, on normal paper, I'd like duplex to save pages as well.

The printers I saw were:

HP 8600 All in One Inkjet, looks to be about $130 (this one was mentioned in a couple of old threads)

Brother Inkjet All in One MFC-J4510DW $99

Canon imageCLASS MF8280Cw [Color Laser] $250 - Also looks massive

i got a HP no wire works thought the inertnet love it about $100buks

I use a Brother MFC for my fax, scanner, and B/W printer.  I have a color laser I use when I need to print something in color.  I hate inkjet printers and haven't had one in over a decade.

never ink jet again!  Laser is now cheap enough for home use.  I have a brother color laser.  Love it.

I have a laser printer and a separate photo printer/scanner.  I almost never printed anything with it (it was a gift) but I use the scanning almost every day in my quest to become 99% paperless.  I much prefer the laser printer over inkjet.  The toner lasts a long time and I print a lot.

I went to Staples and got an Epson Workforce 3640 for about 110 out the door (on sale for 129 and they let me use a coupon code 35530 for 20% off). I bought this one over the same priced HP 8610 for a couple of reasons. This was the highest rated home office printer at several online sites. The reviews were aimed towards the average home office printer, not someone printing a lot. It also had automatic two sided scanning which no other printer in the store had. This was the main reason I purchased it.

The only all in one color laser printers they had were enormous. There might be some smaller ones online. They did have a smaller color laser printer only. It was only about 150 I 

Of course, I come back home and see all you guys recommending laser haha. I will try this one out but I can take it back within 14 days, so if I don't like it I will just return it. I was there for something else, saw it on sale, looked up the reviews, and just bought it. 

Thanks for the input everyone

@Eric F.  Laser printer especially if you print legal documents.  Ink-jet smears easily and does not look professional (in my opinion). 

Agree with Edward - HP wireless laser is the way to go. 

I recently purchased the HP OfficeJet Pro X551dw and this thing is a serious workhorse.  I didn't get the all in one model but they offer it for a few dollars more.  I just didn't need the extra features but this thing bangs out crisp documents like I've never seen from a small office/home office printer.  I think it does 75 pages per minute if I recall.  Its really fast.  Might be worth looking in to.  I've done my "yellow letters" on here from start to finish although the envelope feeder only holds about 8 thick invitation envelopes at a time.  Very happy with it.

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