What are some good tips for marketing a wholesale deal?

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Let's say that I've got an off-market deal under contract that I sourced through my own marketing and now I'm ready to begin marketing the property to potential investors.

What are some tips to help get the property sold to investors? Specifically:

  • Where should I advertise the property?
  • Should I list it in the local MLS?
  • What information / data points about the deal should I be prepared to share with potential buyers to help them make a decision? (outside of price, ARV, caprate, est. rent)

If I post the deal in the BiggerPockets Marketplace, what information do investors want to see? What separates a great BP Marketplace wholesale listing vs a bad one? 

I've seen some wholesalers have put together a "one sheet" pdf with a few pics, the address, cap rates, price, and a few other data points. I can do this no problem, but is this worth it in the beginning? Is there any other marketing material I should systematize for each deal to make selling the property easier?

What tips regarding marketing and selling a wholesale deals do you have?

@Joshua McGinnis  

A big piece of getting propoerties that are under contract quickly sold to an investor is defining before hand and having documented details of the specfic buying criteria of your qualified list of buyers. 

Not only will this narrow your focus for marketing to certain sellers/properties but when you do get them under contract you have some immediate contacts that would be very interested in taking it off your hands.