How do you track your wholesale direct mail to voicemail campaigns?

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I'm looking for information on how to automatically track my direct mail campaigns which drive users to a voicemail. Understanding how I'm going to track the success of my marketing efforts is important to me and ensures that I'm not just "gambling" my marketing dollars and hoping that I get lucky.

Here are a few notes about what my situation looks like:

  • I've got three lists I'm targetting - each going to a different local phone number
  • I will mail every 3 weeks with a slightly different letter / postcard each time
  • My phone service provider (RingCentral) provides a call log
  • I'm using Podio as my CRM

How are you guys tracking things like response rates, appointments set, deals under contract and conversion rate (direct mail all the way to done deal)?

I'm thinking I'll probably start with copying the call log aggregate numbers into a spreadsheet and manually aggregating the other details in there as well. But ultimately, I'd like a lot of this information to be tracked and easily reportable so that I can monitor my progress and refine it over time. 

How do you guys track the success of your wholesaling efforts? What did you do in the beginning vs later when your business had grown?

Why are you sending to voicemail rather than answering live? IMHO I think voicemail is really bad idea.  I use a call tracking company and use a different number for each campaign. Everything goes into Infusionsoft and we can run reports from there.

@Brad Chandler  Good question. I'm virtual wholesaling while I work a demanding full-time job. There are plenty others here that have made the VM work, though, I would agree that a long-term strategy would involve answering calls as you receive them.

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