Cutting Bandit Signs in half?

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I ordered some bandit signs that I basically put



####         #####

so it is two small signs in one. I was wondering if anyone else has done this and if so how did they cut them in half? I have a circular saw, can borrow a table saw, and I have a paper slicer. thanks

You may be the first to have done this. ...

I order mine this way.

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Absoultely cut them in half! You don't need them to say much. I would use a sawzall. 

man just get a straight edge and a box cutter that's all you need

Acetylene cutting torch... if that fails try a diamond studded concrete saw...  

Or scissors... whatever works best 

@Eric F.  Scissors should work but this is a great idea, I'm going to try it!

Do you use these as business cards? Where does one put such small signs?

Oh man, Account Closed beat me to it - I was thinking, just keep on cutting them down until they are small enough to hand out to people!  =)

I like to line mine up down at my parents place whip out a pistol and shoot a nice up and down line on them. Gives it a rustic appeal that others just dont have. Also lets people know you mean buisness if you pull the trigger a bit to much...

Maybe you can hire the intersection beggars. Have them hold those tiny signs at the stop lights and pay them 1% of any deals you get.

Account Closed 

You would think it would be small, but I saw some like this in another town and it wasn't that bad to read. I had no trouble. Plus they seem to last longer. This one was there for at least 3 weeks. Nothing where I live lasts three weeks. I got mine today so I will see.

Also, I guess I did not need to post this thread. I ordered from Dirt Cheap Signs and they cut them in half automatically I guess. If they fail to work I will update this (if I remember)

How about that idea Aaron mentioned of hiring someone - you could do the SPINNER SIGN thing... hire an acrobatic sign man like this:

I hired a few kids off CL to hold signs for me when I was trying to un-own a house in Palm Springs. Sold it that day. Paid them $8 or $10/hour.

Maybe when I have some money to spend on marketing experiments I will try those ideas. I always see those sign spinning kids dancing and throwing the signs in the air and I certainly watch them at the red light because they put on a show. However, if you asked me what was on the sign I probably couldn't tell you hah

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