Dealing with "Unknown" equity % in ListSource

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In generating my lists for the Cleveland, OH area, I'm trying to target high equity properties, but it seems that most of the leads have an "unknown" equity. This is drastically lowering the number of available contacts that meet my other criteria. 

How do you handle this? Do you deal with having a smaller, more targetted list that you can blast more often - or do you gamble on the unknowns - or do you include lower equity people to get your list count up?

I have found that even when I add 90-100% equity on Listsource, that doesn't hold true to some of the leads that have come in. I would take a gamble if you are simply trying to make the list reach the $50 minimum, but not on a larger number. You may be wasting some money there by having a lot of leads coming in that are not qualified. I've had to learn that the hard way. 

Got it. Like you suggested, I'm opting to start with the most targetted list. If it doesn't work, then I'll experiment with loosening the criteria and play it by ear, though, I'm more likely to broaden my area to get more folks in my list as opposed to loosening the criteria.

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