IDEA TITHING...How to Sell Wholesale Deals in a Hurry

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It is said that "There's more happiness in giving than in receiving." (Acts 20:35) 

The awesome thing about BP is that its most successful members are GIVERS. By giving away information that the gurus charge thousands of dollars for, BP Nation became a thriving community of real estate investors who help each other (and do deals with each other).

So, here's an idea I am giving out (it's one of my "closely guarded secrets" but what the heck...let me give it away to BP Nation) - specially to those who want to go into wholesaling or are already wholesaling properties.


Hard money lenders get approached by REHABBERS all the time for financing. Each HML I know have at least 100 rehabber-buyers in their database in various areas of Chicago. The HMLs I have are my marketers and sales force. They love it because they make money by giving their borrowers loans to buy MY properties!

If you like this TIP and you feel like this will help you make money, why not share your "closely guarded secrets" to BP Nation as well? You'll be giving away something, you'll GAIN something in return (possibly make more money) and you'll be happier too :-)

Wendell, awesome gift--thank you!   

My bit of wisdom, if you want to call it that, is that there's a company here in Utah called Yard Birds, which will help you place flyers for a VERY small fee. 

Originally posted by Account Closed:

Good Concept Wendell. Tithing and being in TRUE COVENANT with God is the one thing that keeps me successful in this business. I just started Wholesaling in July and I have had so much favor from above that in my Local REIA I was awarded Rookie Of The Year at our Christmas Party last week and Like i said I just started in July so in the 6 months of hitting it hard in the streets i have closed on 12 deals and i have 3 under contract now so Im hoping to finish the year at 15. AMEN and lets all have a Merry Christmas and a GREAT 2015

I've found buyers this way too, some HMLs in town have a wholesale list, where they will blast it to their potential lendees to get them to buy it and use them as a lender.  Smart stuff!

Great tip, Wendell!! Very clever idea and as a newbie here I'm glad to see people like you in this community.

My question is: how do you FIND HMLs?

Originally posted by @Jade Davis :

My question is: how do you FIND HMLs?

1) Google it.

2) Check out BP. There's a list of hard money lenders here.

3) Ask "real estate people" in your city - real estate agents, attorneys, other real estate investors - they will know who the HMLs are

Awesome, thanks! I don't hAve any great tips to share yet but when I do, I will pay it forwArd :-)

Thanks Wendell, fantastic idea. That's a Good idea to share gold nuggets.

Great tip - thanks!

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