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I recently found two properties while driving neighborhoods. Both properties look abandoned. After a some research, I found the listed owners and mailing addresses. I sent out yellow letters, but have not received a response. I am curious if maybe the owner addresses listed are incorrect. What are suggestions for next viable step in reaching out to the owners of the properties?

You can skip trace them to make sure the address is correct. You can also call them if their number is listed (and on the do not call list).

Search skip trace, I just posted about it last night with another investor.

I just learned a SWEET TRICK on BP the other day that I have yet to try but it is definitely in my tool belt.  Put a bandit sign in the front yard saying I BUY HOUSES with your number and a small note on the bottom saying that $100 for the person who gets me the owners phone number... payable at closing.  WHAT!!!!! I read that and I was like BRILLIANT like the old Guinness commercials. 

Originally posted by @Cameron Chesney :

@JPaul Mills It is a corner lot...

 Corner lot or not just put the sign there and you will possibly get a call from the owner

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