Craigslist and addresses?

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Hello BP,

I've been going through CL listings to opportunities but I am noticing that there usually is not an address. Do you just reply to the ad and ask for it? I'm wondering how comps are gathered for CL listings?

Thanks for any insight,


If there is no Address it could just be a ghost ad to attract cash buyers  

Why sell a house with no address? There's some kind of catch to that.

@Daniel Harris  and @David Brown  must have been the 'it wouldn't be on here if it wasn't for real' part of me. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses!!!

@Erin Elam  If it doesn't have a specific town 99% of the time it is not worth reading.  Not sure where you are from.  Any without a town next to the listing are junk

Personally I would reply asking for an address. If they blow you off great, if it gets you a deal, what was an extra 5 seconds. Heck you can use the same cut and paste "message" for them all. 

@Kirk R. im from KS but never really fooled with CL anywhere. With the number of times I've run across the use of CL in REI, I just made a wrong assumption about what types of listings might be on there.

@Elizabeth Colegrove good point, just need to lower my expectations a bit lol.

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