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hi every one, I'm new investor in the area of Charlotte, trying to build a cash buyers' list. that is how must investors begin. If any one has an advice how to build a cash buyers' list please let me know. Thank you and I wish all a prosperous New Year 2015.

local Real estate investment groups is the best first step to finding and networking with other investors.

Finding other investors is a tiny first step...  The most IMPORTANT thing you must do is build a relationship with other investors.  If you do this correctly the day will come when you can find a deal, pick up the phone and fund it, sell it or flip it because of your relationship.

The best thing you can do to build a fast and profitable relationship with an investor is to find a few deals...  Dont worry about how much money you will make just find the deal and hand it off to an investor you want to work with in the future.  Even if they don't buy the deal this is a good way to quickly build a relationship and to show them the level at which you can work.

You don't need a list of hundreds of investors like the gurus say. Focus on building relationships with a few to start and work from there. The local REIAs are a must. It'll take a while to build the rapport with your buyers, but once you have that, it'll pay off big time. It's a win-win.

great advice I'll try it. Thank you guys.

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