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I've been trying to get I touch with an executor to a property that Is vacant and is going to be an all cash sale due to the condition of the property. I tried mailing the executor which is an out of state owner but it's seem that the executor has the wrong address on affidavit form.  My question is contacting the attorney that is completing probate a good idea ? 

I also don't have access to any skip tracing websites. I would love to here from you guys !!  Thanks 

I'm chasing a probate property here in Boston and am in touch with the attorney. I originally had to hunt down the woman's husband who in turn gave me the attorney info. They are clearing title and reaching out to all interested parties once it's a go. Good luck!

Search on Amazon under 'books on skip tracing'. 

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Have you considered looking for the person on Facebook or LinkedIn?

Google the executors name, you have the city of their mailing address. Also try Facebook, then you can also Google the deceased obituary to see if you can find another heir. They may know where the executor resides. Hope this helps. We specialize in Probate estates.

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