Yellow Letters: Is this lady serious? "One does not write in red ink. It shows extremely poor etiquette."

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Below is a text message I received in response to a yellow letter I sent out this week.  She called me yesterday and left a voicemail, and then I received this text this morning.  Has anyone seen something like this before?  Is this some kind of screening or test sellers use to see how serious I am?  Why go through the trouble of leaving a voicemail and sending such a lengthy text the following day?

I'm going to call her back anyway since if she's truly not interested, a 30-second phone call won't cost me anything.

Names and addresses have been changed.


To: Mr. Logan Allec. I am the daughter of John Thomas Smith. I am the trustee and beneficiary of his living trust. My father passed away over 5 years ago. I have no intention of selling the property at 123 W. 6th Street in Los Angeles. If my father was alive, he would have taken offense to your letter. My father was born and raised in England. One does not write in red ink. It shows extremely poor etiquette. As I was raised to speak and write in Oxford English, I too find your letter offensive. It also [is] a painful reminder that such a fantastic individual no longer walks this earth. If you want to succeed, I would suggest that you run a quick query on landowners and discontinue writing such letters. There is no need for any further contact. The End.

Why would you call her? She made it very clear that she doesn't wish to sell and doesn't care for this method of marketing so even if she wished to sell she wouldn't sell to you. Do you enjoy antagonizing people? Just take her off your list and move on.

You will definitely get some loonies when using mail. Ours state something along the lines of "I saw your house and am interested in purchasing." I had an individual tell me that " I had no business being up there seeing his property and it wasn't for sale and never had been. I gots ten charges of tresspassering cause they done got me on the cameras creeping around. I wish you'd come up here again so I could handle you like a man. " 

We call them "telephone tough guys" don't antagonize them or waste your time. Your lady obviously is older and educated. She is also apparently very proud of her Oxford English education. Next....  

I would say your mailing campaign did exactly what it is supposed to do, make the phone ring.  That is the only purpose of Yellow Letters, the rest is up to you.  Work your scripts, answer objections.  Perhaps not in this case but many other PO people that call you can be talked down with empathy for their situation and an explanation that you are offering a service that can truly take that weight off their shoulders.  Keep up the good work, and remember you are helping people solve problems, even if they do not realize it at first.

Thanks for the responses, all!  I'm not trying to annoy this person; I'm just curious if this was some kind of test that sellers may use to see just how desperate/in love/whatever a potential buyer is with their particular property.

But it sounds like the consensus is: move on!

I think this response is a great opportunity! I would call her back and thank her for her critique and then ask what a proper letter would look like. Sounds like a great person to have proof read your letters for you. If you aren't going to call her back, can I have her number?

In regards to yellow letters, I think they have simply been well marketed to real estate investors and that is why everyone uses them not because they actually perform better than other combinations of letters. I hate them and would throw it in the trash before reaching my front door. When someone receives your letter they should feel "oh, somebody loves me"

Logan A.   I suspect like me she must have gotten the new I phone 6 the voice activated text and e mails are awesome its just like my old dictaphone only =cooler.

You should text her back and politely remind her that the unsolicited pointing out of a stranger's poor etiquette is, in itself, considered to be poor etiquette.

Congrats Logan.  You got a response back from one of your letters.  If you only sent that one, then your response rate is 100%.  As long a she knows that Mr. Logan Allec, the guy who wrote me in red ink, then all the more that you are imprinted in her thoughts that this is the guy who uses unconventional marketing.  Just hope & pray that she will keep that as a momento & when that time comes... cha-ching!  Que the soundtrack & the lead bass plays the tune of Pink Floyd's.... $MONEY$

I'm not trying to annoy this person; 

Sorry, but yes you are.  You're sending unsolicited ads to potential sellers.  That's OK in my book, but don't kid yourself.  You're trying to do deals.  That takes a bit on pestering.

I'm just curious if this was some kind of test that sellers may use to see just how desperate/in love/whatever a potential buyer is with their particular property.

You're overthinking her response.  She has no interest in selling.  Yours is almost certainly not the first letter like this she's had.  She says "There is no need for any further contact."  I would certainly not initiate any further contact with a person who said that.  Take her off your list and move on.  This certainly won't be the last response like this you get.  You need a thick skin to do what you're doing.

Dear Ms. Oxford,

Please accept my apology for using what you consider such a crude approach to my inquiry, it has been a successful method, but obviously with less sophisticated persons than yourself. I understand your attachment to the property and your lack of interest in selling the home and I will certainly honor your wishes of not selling. 

I do have a genuine interest in the property and I would be negligent if I failed to ask if you would consider leasing the property? A long term lease would ensure your property was cared for while you would avoid the management concerns other landlords endure dealing with common tenants.

I trust your understanding that not everyone is as fortunate as yourself in their education, however, I can assure you that I know real estate very well and that I am a very responsible person.   

I look forward to your favorable consideration to my inquiry as to what may well be a mutually beneficial opportunity for both of us.        


Then, if there is no reply or a negative response.......

Dear Ms. Oxford,

I must withdraw my offer at this time concerning leasing your property. While in America, please remember to look downward when it rains to prevent your drowning, most property owners here don't give a rats' tail about red lettering!


Actually, I'm bored, I agree with Josh and others, just move on.......    :)

Logan A. 

The consensus is move on... or, being that you've encountered such a classy individual, maybe invite her over for tea & biscuits and an in depth discussion of etiquette.  This invitation should be a letter written on parchment paper with a quill pen sealed with wax and your family crest.

This is par for the course.  The more marketing you do, the more random/unkind/hostile and just plain bizarre responses you're going to get.

Keep at it, I had a wonderful conversation with a seller yesterday, and it has potential to turn into a great deal!

 I'm not a lawyer but seems to me any further contact would give her ammo for a harassment charge and I have a hunch it wouldn't be the first.  MOVE ON!  The next deal is right around the corner. 

Originally posted by Logan A.:

Thanks for the responses, all!  I'm not trying to annoy this person; I'm just curious if this was some kind of test that sellers may use to see just how desperate/in love/whatever a potential buyer is with their particular property.

But it sounds like the consensus is: move on!

Actually, it is a test.  Yellow letters are juvenile and unprofessional.  But in some markets they work. So you tolerate the negative responses in areas where they work.  Where they don't get good response rates and they produce negative responses, you change it up.

I would call her for sure.

it will help you to build a consistent and confident yellow letter process and after she spent all that time writing you she certainly needs to be responded to.

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