Yellow Letters: Is this lady serious? "One does not write in red ink. It shows extremely poor etiquette."

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Heck no, don't call!  It's par for the course--some folks won't want to be bothered.  And you have no time for "tests" or games.  Either they're interested or they're not.  Don't look for nonexistent words between the lines or overthink it...just take her off the list, and spend your time/energy on sellers who are actually interested!

I have gotten much worse than that!  haha.   Simply put I would just shoot a quick text back and let her know that I had no intention of showing poor etiquette and that I am simply in the market to purchase real estate.  Thank you for responding to my letter and if you ever change your mind I am always in the market.  

@Logan Allec - using a call answering service (VA, PATLive etc) sifts through these time-wasting calls (& texts) and allows you to get to the motivated sellers.

If she's a "typical" English lady, she'll appreciate a polite response, but I doubt if it'll come to anything soon for you - I'm from England too & I've dealt with these lovely "English Rose's" for many years while working as an electrical contractor in England - they're tough nuts to crack!

She's got your details, so move on !

Yellow letter is working!! The Idea of Yellow Letter is that the receiver should think that somebody Actually loves her house and wrote her that letter. If that lady would know she was just picked out of a list would she get angry at him? sure not!! she'd throw it in the mail right away. wasn't she?

So not sure if anyone mentioned it, because I did not read all the responses. But I was raised in England. My great grandmother was 100% old school English. I wrote in red ink one time and she yelled at me telling me that red ink was only to announce death. It's all about customs. You didn't understand hers and she didn't understand yours. Would you go and post on a forum if someone of an Arab background got mad at you because you showed them the bottom of your feet? Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do, even if it doesn't make sense sometimes. It's nothing personal. 

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