Who goes to the effort of putting out 100+ signs and not returning any calls?

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Does everyone in here return every call?  Be honest.

It is amazing to me how many people will put out 100 signs and yet never return your call. I call every single "We Buy Houses" sign I see and I would be shocked if I get a 10% response. I leave the same message every time "Hi, my name is Eric, I see you buy houses, and I am interested in learning more." I never get called back. To me that message would warrant a returned call. Maybe it is a Raleigh thing but no one calls me back. I have talked to a bunch of other investors and they say the same thing. 

The reason I call is to meet wholesellers so I can buy all their mobile home deals but no one ever calls me back. 

Guys (and girls), if you put the signs out, return the calls! 

do you have any meet ups in your area?  It's a great way to network and meet others, especially people who flip houses.  In my area, we have meetup.com.

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The investors who are putting out those signs are probably looking for quality leads and not to mentor someone.   If I were to hear your message,  it would come across like a person looking to be taught various strategies in real estate. I get those type of messages and don't call them back because I'm looking for leads not necessarily to mentor someone (I don't use bandit signs however).  Next time you call tell them you want to buy their deals and be put on their buyers list.   It accomplishes the same task but comes off differently. 

@Derek T.  that is a good point. However, other investors I talk to all have the same comment on calling signs and I am sure we do not all have messages which could sound like we want mentoring. I guess that could sound like I was looking for a mentor, but I could see plenty of sellers calling with a message like that as well. 

I will alter my message in the future but I am going to guess my phone won't start blowing up all the sudden hah.

I have thought about sending texts also but if they aren't returning my calls I have a feeling they don't return any seller calls either so I should not expect a deal anyway.

Maybe they are looking to do the whole process, buy, rehab and sell, so they are looking for people responding that they want to buy their properties.

That said, it can be pretty crazy how hard it is sometimes to get a call back.

@Eric F.  I have went a step further and pretended I want to sell them a house so that I could see about what they were offering, (and if they offered enough I might sell) and they dont call back, maybe they look and see the house is owned by a trust and figure it out, I dont know. 

I could imagine your frustration.  Deffinatly attend real estate meet ups. You might find someone who will be more then willing to help you. Or keep calling someone will return their call. 

@Jeremy Tillotson  Maybe we should offer them a good deal and then when they don't call back after a week call again and tell them to go to Biggerpockets and read this forum so we can finally get good wholesellers in our areas lol

I actually ordered a couple hundred bandit signs to put out and see how many calls I get. I had some mobile home exclusive bandit signs in the past but I figure all the mobile homes will still call me and maybe a good house deal or two will also call. Hell, I might find out all these people are getting 200 calls a day and can't waste time returning my call hah.

Another thought is the message could be perceived as an authority figure (IE. Code Enforcer) trying to get info considering they're typically illegal. 

@Eric F.   most of the investors have someone else pick up the messages. A lot of gurus advice to hire a virtual assistant or a company that pick up those vm, calls people back with a script, and send the seller leads that match the investor's criteria back to the investor.

Your vm do not get through the screening! You are not a seller! 

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I know exactly why they didn't call back;)

Day 1 of the seminar tells all about setting out the signs, etc.,... but how to pick up the phone when it rings, well, that's in the Advanced Session that costs $5,000. So they haven't learned that part because they ran out of money buying signs;)

Lumi has a good answer, as does Eric M. Code guys will probably figure out who put the signs there. Per local code: Sec. 10-2083.3. - PROHIBITED SIGNS.

"Any sign placed on any curb, sidewalk, post pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, or other surface located on, over, or across any public street, right-of-way, property or thoroughfare, unless authorized by the City Council. "

Violations fall under this state law reference: Unlawful posting of advertisements G.S.14-145, which if the charge sticks, results in a Class 3 misdemeanor. Class 3 offenses are the least serious type of misdemeanor crime, but if they are a repeat offender they may not be answering the phone because they are busy for up to 20 days over at the Wake County Detention Center. At a minimum, they will be out $200 to $1,000... so maybe they can no longer afford the VA ;)

Add. Ref: http://www.nccourts.org/Courts/CRS/Councils/spac/Documents/Misd_Chart_120113.pdf

@Eric F.   I agree with @Derek T.  

"The investors who are putting out those signs are probably looking for quality leads and not to mentor someone."

I wouldn't call you back either.

Called 2 today:

1 had a long voicemail with instructions, I listened to the whole thing and was going to leave a message like recommended in here....mailbox full  (note: I saw 9 of these signs today so they are recent)

the other was disconnected hah