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Hi my name is Jason

I am new to wholesaling in the greater Los Angeles area. And I was looking to get some advice on finding property owners. I have a list of vacant properties I would like to get under contract if they are motivated sellers. But I am having a hard time finding the owners. Is there a database I could search them and find there current information so I could contact them? Any information would help, I'm also looking to meet and network with othet wholesalers in my area.

Hi @Jason Russell Welcome to BP and congrats on the decision to start wholesaling.

How did you get obtain your list of vacant properties here in Los Angeles?

Here are a few ideas on how to hunt down the property owners:

  • Search public records (you'll have to subscribe to a service)
  • Form a relationship with an agent (they have access to this info and can you get the owners)
  • Form a relationship with a title agent and they can get you this info for free
  • Try

You can also visit a local assessor's office to obtain the information in-person:

The Assessor's office does not provide owner name information on their website. However, you may visit one of the Assessor's offices and obtain this information. Please go to [email protected]. Be sure to provide the Assessor's Identification Number and/or complete address of the property you are inquiring.


I'm wholesaling, but not to properties here in LA. Happy to help any way that I can.

You may want to speak with a Title Company. Many times Title Companies can assist you in locating the property owners for you to then send out your letters.

You can also use any of the Skip Tracer sites out there to try to locate the Owner on Deed.

Lastly, you may want to simply talk to the neighbors and/or try to locate a relative in the area./

Good Luck in your Wholesale Ventures!

I do not have an answer to your first question, as I am new also. However, if you are looking to network, I suggest finding a few groups in your area through I have found the meetings to be a great resource.


Welcome and good luck!

@Joshua McGinnis  Im sorry i forgot to answer your question, but i just drove around the city to look for properties and i got the address for them.

@Jason Russell thanks! Did you ever find a service to help you track down the contact info? A title rep is usually your best bet.

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