Lawyers warning clients about yellowletters?!

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So today I had some time on my hands and went driving for dollars. I came up with 25 properties out of which 20 were use full leads. Anyway, for the properties that listed the owners as having the same address I did some digging and looked for phone numbers of the owner. I got in contact with one lady who was a relative of the owner and she tells me that the familys Lawyer warned them about the yellowletters and the receiving sudden contact from investors.  My question is, is this common?  And why?

oh, and she liked me! Said that I didn't sound like a con and said that she would pass my number off to the owner later tonight. Hopefully I'll get my first deal out of this, if not at least I was able to build the courage to call total strangers today lol!

It's funny these lawyers and agents are not the ones putting up the money to buy the property and remove potential headaches but will charge them for there services. Con my *** I bust my butt trying to make this happen.

I have found the more successful you are the more people with no speciality in this niche offers "thoughts". Everyone is afraid of the unknown. While there is always the one or two person who "ruin" it for everyone as you have notice being personable and showing the "truth" can still break down these walls!

Honestly, it made me nervous about sending out my firsts batch of yellowletters, but I plan to move forward anyway. I'm DETERMINED to make wholesaling work for me. Its one thing to read and listen to others success stories,  it's another to actually go out here and make yours happen. 

Hi K.D.,

If you have established a business for your investing activities, be careful about calling someone unsolicited. You could run into trouble with the do not call law. It's safer to send a letter when contacting someone if the contact was not solicited.

Good luck!

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